Ella Kate Boswell was born on April 10, 2007 at 3:30pm at Missouri Baptist hospital.  She weighed in at 6 lbs 11oz.  and was 20.5 inches long.  The proud parents are my brother and sister in-law Stephen and Jaime.  I have never seen my parents so proud, after raising three boys and their first grandchild being a boy, I think they were quite ready for a break from the XY chromosome.  It's a nice change in pace for our family, and not a moment too soon.  Congradulations, Stephen and Jaime!  Click Here for picutres.


New Ringtones !!!  I should have the right parts of the songs requested, if not email me and I'll fix ASAP.  Also, the other night when I was playing with my new phone I noticed it was running out of memory (I had every one of my ringtone copied to it). So I went through and remade all my ringtones, and cut the size in half on almost every one.  I was able to maintain mp3 quality, so now ringtones will download faster and  use less memory on your phone.

Take the Shemale Challenge.  Don't be fooled by false advertising men dressed as females.  This simple quiz brought to you by joeschwartz.net is designed to help you tell the difference between a female and a male posing as a female, the dreaded "shemale." 

New videos will be added for the next update.  Content has been a little bit slow lately, but I did add a few ringtones and some new pictures. 

It seems people really have been using the tech page.  Too many people that I didn't know about, to be exact.  I put a lock on it finally and received several unknown emails from people asking what the password is.  Now I'm curious to see how much my monthly bandwidth is going to drop.  Here's the thing: This is a private website.  It's not on google (I dispute it every 3 months to make sure of this), and it's not even a real site, more/less a toy, as well as personal resources.  If you know me personally and think you need access to the tech site, email me and I'll send you the login information.  

After two years of open doors, I felt it was time to give my site a new look.  It has taken me quite a while, I have been working on this since last December.  After kicking out three other designs I began to get bored with, I finally began working on something that I couldn't put down until I finished it.  This sleek design was inspired by a new logo someone sent me, it's different, yet similar to my old logo.  If you have not noticed, I have also added new content, and a different arrangement of my old content.  Email me and let me know what you think!

What a weekend.. Old friends at the lake is always a good time. While it could have been the worst week to fish, it was by far the best week to drink! Weather was good, beer was cold, and the women were laughing at our three of us drunk lushes all weekend long. Click here for pictures from the pontoon voyage. Following the weekend at the lake was a float trip on memorial day at The Rafting Co with a bunch of restaurant workers from Patrick's at Westport, unfortunately I do not have any pictures from that trip as of yet.

The new Busch Stadium is pimp. I caught a couple Cardinals games last week, got to see the new stadium, it was a good time. We lost game 3 of the series against the Cubs, which sucks because I hate losing to the Cubs, and swept the Pirates (again). Beer didn't get any cheaper, One day I was wearing Shorts, the next day I was wearing a sweat shirt and jeans. Check out some of the pictures taken from the game here. Vacation is coming soon, I can't wait to get out of the city for a week and do some fishing...